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A conversation with Sarah Kirk

We had a great opportunity to have a small conversation with Sarah from @godsavethescene and to see some beautiful corners in her house in Middleburg, Virginia. It has been our privilege to see her enjoying styling her little ones with Fin+Zee’s garments.   Could you tell us a little bit about you and your family?   My husband and I lived in London for six years before getting married. We had the most charming little mews house in Parsons Green. I used to work in art museums. When we decided to start a family, we knew we wanted our children to have a similar upbringing as we did. My husband grew up in the Cotswolds and I was raised in...

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Endless possibilities

- Launch of new accessories - We recently launched our re-discovery project! This is one of our sustainability projects that focuses on using leftover fabric scraps from our previous production runs and sample fabrics to make something beautiful and useful. Because we do small scale production, over 90% of the fabric we use goes into our products which means minimal waste, and less harm to our planet.    *Like these beautiful fabrics. Less waste, more taste!         In this range, we would like our customers (parents) to discover different possibilities with small accessories when dressing up their little people.  If you love clothes and styling, you probably have the same feeling that we do when it comes to accessories....

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Autumn Days with Charisse

Engineer and Mother of three Charisse from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania documents moments of her little hipsters on Instagram.  Charisse has a love of eco-friendly clothing brands and products for children all which align with her beliefs and style. Be sure to follow Charisse @reeseypricey. Jett is nearly 3 year’s old and in preschool.  He loves his friends and teachers and the time we get to spend together most Fridays, our Mommy and me time, which gives us something to look forward to during the week. Jett loves playing with his animal figurines! One of his favourite things is to play kitchen and house with his big sisters. He loves playing outside too; riding his scooter, playing basketball and jumping on the trampoline...

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New Perspective

Taking it slow...   When I became a mother, I learnt to be more patient about many things. When I became a small business owner, I soon realised that good things take time. I am a ‘momtrepreneur’, and I'm learning to balance life with a toddler and a small, young business.   Emily x     New arrivals! Some of you may know that we have a few new styles (to see more...).  The concept of the new collection is to play around with the designs of classic essentials - shirts, trousers, cardigans and outerwear. We all love the timelessness of classic items. In Fin+Zee, we also enjoy creating something classic yet different. This can be seen in all our...

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The Pleasant Surprise with Tilly Nelson

  The shoot… A few months ago, I had a fantastic experience working with Tilly. We thought we would try a different approach to see what people think about our “Pleasant Surprise” collection – our debut collection in the kidswear industry. It was great to see our garments being showcased through Tilly’s magical lens, and how the stylist, Giovanna, styled our pieces on Channan and Mason.    Simple but detail orientated…  The shoot turned out to be a pleasant surprise, just like the message behind our collection! The images bring out the unique colour, prints and finer details of each piece. Each garment in Fin+Zee’s collection can look simple at first but when you look closer, you’ll notice that we’ve...

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