In Glasgow with Laura and Remy

being mommy with style

Introducing FinandZee journal's Style of the Month! I am on a mission to find stylish Mommies to share with our community their favourite fashion items and ways to dress their little ones. I hope this will inspire your creativity in dressing your little one! 

This month, we have Laura (@lj.mrtn), who we think has amazing styling skills, to share with us her styling favourites and how she would style our pieces on her little girl, Remy! 


Laura Martin 

I live in Glasgow with my daughter Remy and husband Robert.  We are keen travellers but  lockdown meant we had cancelled our trip to New England in March so we are already planning our next adventure.  Like most people, lockdown has meant an opportunity for us to revamp the backyard.  It’s been pretty much neglected since we moved in a year ago so creating ‘Camp Remy’ has been our recent focus. 


Styling Remy

Clothes have always been important to me but in today’s environment, my focus is not only on how they look but how they are made.   I try to make sure that Remy’s clothes are, as much as possible, purchased from smaller brands that also have this ethos at heart.  Stylish but made with sustainable fabrics such as cotton and linen and made by people paid a living wage.  I feel like FinandZee embodies this mantra.  For me, I would rather her have one jumper made by a brand I trust than 6 from less sustainable brands.  I understand this comes from a place of privilege and not everyone can make these choices but I believe that as I can, I should. 


Kitchen Play Linen trousers

 Remy imaginative play


My travels play a big part in my life and in how I dress Remy. Before she was even born we started building her wardrobe on our travels. At the moment, I think her style is very much Japanese grandma crossed with Little House on the Prairie.  I am not keen on her being too girly so if she has a pretty dress on I will combine it with a much more androgynous piece such as the denim jacket from FeeandZee.  I feel like it makes it a little bit more cool not to mention, the fact I live in Glasgow means we have a jacket on 11 months of the year. 


Le Planet Denim Jacket