Our Values

A note from Emily…
I’m so glad you’ve discovered FIN and ZEE. When you shop the label, you are not only supporting an independent female-founded brand, you’re supporting the values behind this small business.



As a Taiwanese woman raising children with mixed heritage in the UK, FIN and ZEE is a community that welcomes people from all backgrounds.


One of the most beautiful things in life is seeing our children show their personalities and it’s so the brand empowers kids to be their most authentic selves through clothing that lets them feel free to explore. 


 Running a brand alongside motherhood is a journey and so I’ll be real and transparent about all areas of the business from the materials we use to any obstacles that might arise. 


A reminder to me as a small business owner and creator to do all I can to support a sustainable and ethical future by being considerate of the environmental and social impact of every design and decision made. 


I’m continuously developing our designs and am committed to always exploring new sustainable materials and the art of traditional craftsmanship to create pieces that have longevity.