The Collections

Every design at FIN and ZEE is focused on fit, feel and functionality so that little ones are comfortable wherever their imagination takes them, whatever the season. 
Drawing inspiration from Emily’s travels with her family, each piece applies contemporary aesthetics to form diverse, simplistic styles designed to be worn over and over, before being passed on and loved all over again. 
Pieces are created from certified fabrics like OEKO-TEX 100 Standard denim and linen and to minimise waste, off-cuts are used to create accessories and craft bundles. 
When it comes to how each small-batch collection is produced, we champion traditional craftsmanship and seek to work with individuals that share Emily’s ethos. It's important that as an independent label, we know not only what our kids' clothing is made from, but also where and who makes each piece.


Our Fin Shirt Top very first toil back in early 2018 


Our original samples for the first collection 



Our Finnery Dungarees Shorts been cut and waiting to be sewn
in a London fashion studio. 


Our Fin Shirt Top being sewn together by the seamstress.