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We focus on making childrenswear with a longer wearable life without sacrificing comfort. Applying contemporary aesthetics to achieve simplicity is our style. We celebrate diversity and authenticity through our designs and collaborations. All of our garments are ethically made in England. We are environmentally conscious in everything we do and we are learning as we grow.




I am originally from Taiwan, a small island country in East Asia. I have always loved clothes and styling from a young age. The fashion in Taiwan is very much influenced by Japanese, Korean and Western culture. I came to London in 2007 and I was immediately drawn to the diversity, art, fashion and culture that really makes London what it is today. London has such an eclectic range of styles and designs influenced by many different cultures and ethnic backgrounds. I really wanted to celebrate that.

I love comfortable clothes with detail. It’s the details that tell you the story of an item of clothing, as well as a bit about the people who create it. When I had my son, Fin, I started to look for clothes with a story, a personality. But I've always found it challenging to find clothes that would fit him and have that aesthetic appeal I was looking for. This was really the light bulb moment for me and I realised what I wanted to do. I decided to bring to life a kidswear brand with a focus on comfort, longevity and quality – with those details I always loved. I called it FIN and ZEE. 

I knew I was taking a risk as I had very little experience in the fashion industry. I trained as an interior and landscape designer in Taiwan and when I came to London I obtained a  degree in Design and Branding. None of that really prepared me for starting my own brand and creating a clothing range from scratch. I spent lots of time researching online and learning from professionals around the world, as well as other up and coming kidswear brands. I then went out and sourced the best fabrics I could find. I discovered two of my favourite fabrics, cotton gauze and linen. They are great for young children’s delicate skin and have the elegant laid-back quality that you just don’t get with cotton jersey. These two fabrics have been the main focus in FIN and ZEE’s range. 





FIN and ZEE is inspired by my culture, my life, my son and our travels. The concept is to create a range of well-made comfortable kidswear with some character. Each of our pieces is great for you to mix and match with what your child already has in their wardrobe. We design our clothes with children in mind. Children want the freedom to be themselves and express their personalities. Our style revolves around simplicity with those little details of personality. Our styles are influenced by Scandinavian design and the beauty of Japanese detail.





As a small business, we are always searching for alternative ways to make our products and business more sustainable. We work with manufactures and source fabrics and packaging from companies who share the same value.  We use OEKO-Tex certificated linen and sustainably sourced fabrics. 



A great part of FIN and ZEE’s journey is meeting the people behind other like-minded brands. This has led to some exciting friendships and collaborations. We love brands who work with sustainable materials and brands who celebrate craftsmanship. You can find them in our Friends section.