A bond between a baby boy and his dog growing up in London. A shared journey of discovery through curiosity. A desire for freedom, exploration and adventure. Witnessing all of this excitement, a mother passionate about styling and fashion. The idea of creating a unique gender neutral kidswear brand then started to grow alongside the boy and his dog. And so, Fin+Zee was born.

‘My motherhood life has been eventful with my two boys. I face new challenges almost everyday. But they inspired me to embark on this new adventure. ’ – Emily, founder of Fin+Zee



-multicultural inspired-

Fin+Zee is a multicultural inspired brand, we use details in each garment and carefully selected fabrics to deliver the concept.

We put a lot of thought into each garment we produce. We design our own patterns, always with the vision of creating something different yet practical.

We carefully source the best quality and finest fabrics from around the world. The fabrics we use are mainly Japanese gauze, denim cotton and European laundered linen. All of our fabrics come from sustainable sources in Japan and Europe. 

We believe in quality over quantity. Because of that we do small-scale production and all our garments are designed and made in England. We frequently visit the studio in London to ensure our garments are made just the way we want them.

‘London living has definitely influenced my designs but at the same time I try to make sure my south-east Asian heritage shines through too. This is my way of celebrating my roots and one day, my son (Fin) will find his own way to celebrate his roots too. It was my son who really inspired me to start my own clothing brand for kids and with South African, Taiwanese and British heritage, he truly represents the diversity I want to achieve with my brand.’ – Emily , founder of Fin+Zee



- endless fun -

At Fin+ Zee, our aim is to design each garment as a statement piece for your little ones, yet easy to style with almost anything. Our garments are made to be worn in different ways, effortlessly and seasonless. You can simply put the garment on your baby as it is or style up with a little effort whenever you fancy.

Fin+Zee is designed to maintain the fun of styling your baby without stress. We know life with young kids can be chaotic sometimes, and we don’t want this to sabotage the fun of dressing up! If you need some tips for styling your little ones, you can always follow us on Instagram for some inspiration. #finandzee

“I design clothes for young children with the vision of creating something different, yet practical.  For me, Fin + Zee is about a desire for freedom, exploration and adventure through fabrics and garment designs. I want anyone who buys our clothes to see this in the detail of the final product…and help bring out some creativity and fun for both parent and child when dressing up happens!”

- Emily, founder of Fin+Zee

Environmentally Friendly

-fabric waste + packaging-

Fin+Zee loves mother nature and has set a goal to be as environmentally friendly as possible. We fully support sustainable fashion. We up-cycled our leftover fabrics and turn them into small accessories when it is possible. Stay tuned for our future projects.

As a small company, Fin+Zee is committed to making a difference at every possible opportunity and this is very much a part of our brand vision. We are open to any feedback and opportunity regarding our packaging or sustainability mission. Please drop us an email anytime at

To be continued…