Re-discovery with leftover fabric scraps

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Launch of new accessories

We recently launched our re-discovery project! This is one of our sustainability projects that focuses on using leftover fabric scraps from our previous production runs and sample fabrics to make something beautiful and useful. Because we do small scale production, over 90% of the fabric we use goes into our products which means minimal waste, and less harm to our planet.   

*Like these beautiful fabrics. Less waste, more taste!      
In this range, we would like our customers (parents) to discover different possibilities with small accessories when dressing up their little people.  If you love clothes and styling, you probably have the same feeling that we do when it comes to accessories. One simple accessory can transform your entire outfit - it can change an outfit from looking flat into an extraordinary outfit. For example, if your little one wears our collar with our Fin shirt, it instantly gives the outfit more character and a sense of fun. Of course, our Fin shirt itself already bears the little detail on the sleeves to spice up the look. But why not add just a little more fun with a small accessory!
*With or without the collar? Your style, your way!
* Dungarees strap can be used as a belt or even a hair band.
We also have some hair accessories in this project. The reasons for making these hair bows and scrunchies are because they require minimal fabric consumption, and are easy to use. Also, it’s difficult not to love these hair accessories! They just make little girls feel extra special, like little princesses!
*Most of the fabrics we selected are produced with limited amounts. We occasionally receive/order fabric samples, we will continue to work on this project and introduce new items in the future. In the meantime, don’t forget to sign up to our newsletter and we will keep you updated!