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To build a brand, there is a lot more involved than just your products. Behind every successful brand is a story and behind that story, a creative thinker. There are a lot of creative people who have shared their skills and knowledge with me to help make my ideas for FIN and ZEE come to life. I thought I'd use our journal as a platform to share their stories with you.  

Mim Howell 

When I discovered Mim Howell, a UK east coast-based photographer, I instantly fell in love with her storytelling photography. In particular, those from her recent HomeBirds project. Her creative approach to the new way of living we are all adapting to really project her passion of exhibiting life through the lense. At FIN and ZEE, we are so grateful and excited to have this wonderful opportunity to present some of Mim's work in our journal. Be sure to follow her - @mimhowell Instagram. Enjoy!

Mim's family

As "mama" to four adventurers, wife to a currently work-at-home designer and self employed photographer, lockdown has been full of juggling beach walks, movie nights, lots of food(!), garden swing building, radish growing and making so many memories together. Yes, at times it has felt like a rollercoaster, but I’ve been constantly grateful for this time together.

Siblings Fin+Zee

It has also been a time to pivot in my photography. With many shoots cancelled or postponed I have been busy trying new directions. It has been such a joy to work with some unique small businesses like FIN and ZEE.
Run wild Fin+Zee
Early on in lockdown, I decided that if I couldn’t photograph people, I could photograph my people with products and clothes. So, I have photographed wooden toys, stationary, cookies, gift packages and clothing. It’s been great to create with my camera in a new way.
Set free Fin+Zee
I have also been photographing families at their homes (keeping a distance). I have named my project ‘HomeBirds’ wanting to emphasise the freedom this time together brings to families who are usually here, there and everywhere. Every Saturday I have collated up to 10 families (within 1 hour from me). It is something I will continue to do even when lockdown is over. I always aim to capture connections over perfect posing in my family photography and I have found the connection between families in their own space almost tangible.
HomeBirds lockdown
A couple of our favoruite from Mim's HomeBirds series (above & below)
Homebirds 2 lockdown