In Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with Charisse and Jett

eco friendly baby clothing brands
Engineer and Mother of three Charisse from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania documents moments of her little hipsters on Instagram.  Charisse has a love of eco-friendly clothing brands and products for children all which align with her beliefs and style. Be sure to follow Charisse @reeseypricey.
Jett is nearly 3 year’s old and in preschool.  He loves his friends and teachers and the time we get to spend together most Fridays, our Mommy and me time, which gives us something to look forward to during the week.
Jett loves playing with his animal figurines! One of his favourite things is to play kitchen and house with his big sisters. He loves playing outside too; riding his scooter, playing basketball and jumping on the trampoline are just some of his favourite outdoor activities.
His sisters, Marlee and Avery absolutely adore Jett. They are like little moms with him, especially the oldest. The children play everything from pretend play (ie dress up/kitchen/school) to riding bikes/scooters. He learns so much from his big sisters…he wants to do everything they are doing.
*Photography and words - Charisse @reeseypricey
*A big thank you to Charisse, Jett and Junior Style.