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Serendipity Organics


Scandinavian design heritage with clean lines and functional, simple features.

'We want the child to wear the clothes and not the other way around.." - Serendipity.

All the cotton styles from Serendipity are GOTS certified 100 % organic and SA8000 certified as your guarantee, that our clothes are not harmful to your child's skin, production is done as environmentally friendly as can possibly be and the people involved have been treated in a good way. The unique processing of the organic cotton fibres involves dying of the raw fibres (as opposed to dying fabrics or garments) - result being long lasting colours and the softest fabrics imaginable... We always also pre-wash fabrics to ensure minimum shrinkage and perfect fit.

Why we love Serendipity Organics?

We love the simplicity of Scandinavian design and that is what Serendipity is all about. The timeless Danish design and passion for soft feel natural fibres and materials make their clothes so special and loveable. Serendipity's melange basic collection is something you will want to keep going back to again and again. They also design a special collection in Baby Alpaca Wool and Llama Wool or Llama Wool/Silk for each season. These wool fibres are known for their softness, warmth and light weight. They contain no lanolin, which is what makes sheep wool itchy. No lanolin means allergy friendliness for your skin.